What We Do

The Performing Art Network of Knightsbridge Brings Together Disparate Groups Of Artists In London

PANEK was formed with the aim of bringing artists together from different cultures, races and classes. London is a cultural hotbed. Over 8.6 million people live in London, hailing from 270 different nations and speaking 300 different languages, our capital city grows more diverse by each passing year, yet it can be hard to see the effect of this on cultural output of the city.

The venue owners and managers of PANEK aim to lease their spaces out to culturally diverse groups of people with the goal of creating completely unique art projects. By bringing together aspiring artists from a range of different backgrounds, these owners hope to help foster a sense of brotherhood and kinship between the disparate artists’ community of London.

If you’re an artist of any medium or calibre and you’d like to collaborate with a complete stranger from a completely alien culture, then pop a message in the box below and we can get your Artistic journey started: