Our PANEK Ambassadors

Our Performance Ambassadors all share a passion for Art, with a focus on bringing together London’s diverse community.

Saeed Basra

The Basra family, arriving in London in 1963, were pillars of their community during the time they spent living in the terraced streets of Redham.

During a time when race-relations weren’t exactly perfect, the Basras promoted Pakistani culture to their neighbours – giving the local English population a chance to understand others in their community.

Saeed, now a successful restaurateur, aims to continue the good work that his grand-parents began fifty years ago by opening his popular Pan-Asian restaurants to musicians and performers looking for a place to play. 

Paolo Garcia

A builder by trade, Paolo’s passion for art, particularly of the modern variety, is something that often seems at odds with his gruff sensibilities.

A fine art student from Spain, Paolo moved to the UK in the mid-80s to find work. In 2005, using savings accrued over 10 years, he opened a community-based art gallery in Finsbury.

With the help of his community, Paolo’s Gallery is now home to a rolling series of exhibitions of local artists – he’s hoping to bring together different races in a bid to open a new exhibit in the summer.

Zusanna Młynarski

Relatively new to London, Zusanna arrived here in 2013 with her fellow makers, intending to film a documentary surrounding the rise of Nationalism in the UK.

However, after funding was cut from their project, the film makers disbanded leaving Zusanna in London.

With money scraped together from lecturing at Technical Colleges, Zusanna is currently looking to put together a new project on the multi-culturalism present in London’s boroughs and is eager to meet any fellow film makers or members of the community.

Sarah Taylor

A local teacher of English and Drama, Sarah has lived in London for the entirety of her life. Spending a decade as a jobbing actor, struggling to make enough money to pay rent, she began teaching as a way to pay the bills.

However, after her classes gained popularity, she began to understand that her true calling in life.

Opening up one of her weekly sessions to the public, Sarah’s hoping to attract more than just students looking for cheap lessons. Her plan is to create an original theatre piece celebrating the optimistic fervour of London’s performing masses.